Ganga Sewak Samaj: an initiative to Create Awareness Regarding Pollution in Holy Ganga

To save Ganga and its pollution, their is no effective way than creating awareness amongst common men, we schedule creation of tools like Radio, Television, films and other mass medium.  

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Librate Maa Ganga from all Canals & pollution

Online petition to Honable President of India, Prime Minister of India, C.M of all states, President of all Political parties

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Dilipa's son Bhagiratha, who after severe austerities, propitiated the Goddess Ganga, and she agreed to come down to earth. However, the impact of her fall would be so severe, that it could be borne by none less than Shiva himself. Therefore Bhagiratha went into meditation again and obtained Shiva's consent after many more austerities. Finally, the river came down and fell into Shiva's matted hair, and then to earth. This is the presumed site of the present-day temple at Gangotri. Bhagiratha led the way on horse back and the river followed. In this manner they reached the spot where lay the ashes of the six thousand sons. They were thus liberated, and an ocean formed from the waters there. This is the Ganga Sagar  of today, where the Ganges flows into the Bay of Bengal ("Sagara' is also Sanskrit for ocean).

Many other tales are associated with the Ganga and points on it. Hari (Lord Vishnu) himself bathed in its waters at Haridwar, which is so holy that sins as great as the murder of Brahmins may be washed away by bathing here. Hindus to this day use the water of the Ganga to cleanse any place or object for ritual purposes. Bathing in the Ganga is still the lifelong ambition of many of India's believing masses, and they will congregate on its banks for the tremendously overcrowded Sangam, Sagar Mela or Kumbh Mela which are held on auspicious dates.

Holy Ganga is Not a River, but it is a way of life, a spiritual force, a complets economy, it cant be seperated form the hearts of not ony Hindu but whole Indians and many people around the earth.

So many factors are threatning The existing of Holy Ganga, they are mainly Global warming, Melting of glacier, Shortage of water due to supply in Distributory canals for irrigation, Pollution by Industrial waste and sewage water.

Govt Of India Started Ganga action plan to clean Holy Ganga but result wise failed to achieve optimum result.

This is Humble request from all signatories(comprising Saints, priests,devotees,lovers,common man) to Govt/establishment that Librate it from all canals and drains immidiatly because Bhagirathi Ganga was not came on earth for irrigation/draining sewage. Use sewage/ drain/ industrial  water for irrigation.

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