Ganga Sewak Samaj: an initiative to Create Awareness Regarding Pollution in Holy Ganga

To save Ganga and its pollution, their is no effective way than creating awareness amongst common men, we schedule creation of tools like Radio, Television, films and other mass medium.  

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Video Volunteers: Accelarating social dynamics

Call to Join Community Production Units to produce Monthly video Bulletin shown back to communities using projectors, local cable networks and television channels,Ganga TV and World wide web.

Around the world, video is accelerating social change at a grassroots level and at an international level. Video Volunteers aims to make video a ubiquitous tool in creating awareness and social change. Video empowers the Common men with leadership and critical thinking skills and makes them partners in the social dynamics. Even non-literates can learn to make videos in a matter of months.

Communications is key to empowering communities to participate and to lead social change. It is also critical for giving the disadvantaged a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Video is a particularly powerful tool in social change because:

  • It communicates in the medium most appealing to people today
  • It breaks the literacy barrier
  • It is the most cost-effective way to reach large numbers of people if distributed strategically
  • It expands activity reach and scale
  • It promotes behavior change
  • TVs and films are present in nearly every village on the planet
  • It is a powerful tool in education, fundraising, networking and advocacy
  • It gives a voice to the Men to communicate their needs and knowledge to the outside world
  • It provides a platform to demand accountability and transparency from those in power
  • It acts as a forum for communities to discuss critical but unspoken social issues
  • It encourages 'people's led development', where the call for change is coming from within the community
  • It develops grassroots leaders and communicators
  • It provides livelihoods
If you are interested to join Us as video Volunteers or want to organize community production units(CPU) in you city/area, Please get in touch with us at: , with appropriate subject line.