Ganga Sewak Samaj: an initiative to Create Awareness Regarding Pollution in Holy Ganga

To save Ganga and its pollution, their is no effective way than creating awareness amongst common men, we schedule creation of tools like Radio, Television, films and other mass medium.  

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Shree Ganga Kripa Journal

We invite articles, write ups, experiences, momories, songs, poetry, photo, cartoons etc. for coming journal 'Shree Ganga Kripa'. You can send/submit it in hindi or in english. Please attach your photo with brief description. No acknowledgement, No remunaration is payable. You can submit it through email attachment in words formate at:

You can also drop your contributions at Ganga Ghats during your Prayag visite at following units of 'Ganga sewak samaj'

*Sangam Noze(Hanuman Ghat)

1-Pt. Rajendra Mishra

2-Pt. Dina Nath Ji

3-Pt. Pakauri Guru

*Sangam Ghat

1-Pt. Gopal Ji Maharaj

2-Pt. Jai Ram Mishra

*DaraGanj Ghat

1-Pt. Arun Ji Maharaj

*Ram Ghat

1-Pt Renu Mishra

Corrospondants/Reporters: All people who has faith in Ganga may join us as corrospondant/reporter to represent us in their area. All reps are responsible to collect reports/articles and promotion of journals in their respected area. Please write us with brief description at: