Ganga Sewak Samaj: an initiative to Create Awareness Regarding Pollution in Holy Ganga

To save Ganga and its pollution, their is no effective way than creating awareness amongst common men, we schedule creation of tools like Radio, Television, films and other mass medium.  

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We invite all the citizen living on the earth, to get involved in this mission to eliminate pollution from Holy Ganga. You may volunteer your self at your work place. Only you have to acquire knowledge/information from our website: and other sources about Ganga pollution and share it with your friends/known people. Only you have to start working at your place & inform us time to time about you activities/progress. If you wish you can organize a local chapter of 'Ganga Sewak Samaj' at you city & start organizing/working with local people. For organizing local chapter at your city, Please send your request with relevent details to: xxxx