Ganga Sewak Samaj: an initiative to Create Awareness Regarding Pollution in Holy Ganga

To save Ganga and its pollution, their is no effective way than creating awareness amongst common men, we schedule creation of tools like Radio, Television, films and other mass medium.  

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Radio Ganga Kripa

We are commited to establish a community Radio station at Prayag for educating people regarding Ganga and it's pollution. We invite support and help from Groups, NGO's and from Individuals.

We need


2-Transmiter, Broadcasting machines and equipments

3-Building at Prayag(Allahabad) to estabish transmission/Broadcasting centre.

4-Active support from cable operators

5-Technical & operational support from Ex. and Present employees/officers of AIR


7-Content for broadcasting

Please extend your valuable support & send your expressions at: